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Bio & Stuff:

I love a good story. In fact, I’ve been telling them professionally for over a decade. I started out as a ‘kid-with-a-camera’ running around Guatemala with a DSLR, before organizations like Reuters, NowThis and CNN opened their doors to me just as the digital video boom was beginning to unfold. In 2015, I found a home with Great Big Story where, alongside the team of talented storytellers, we helped define the brand's inspiring, curiosity-filled aesthetic now recognized by tens of millions worldwide. In 2017, I hopped across the pond to London where I launched Great Big Story’s first international bureau, which extended the company's access throughout continental Europe (and beyond). Now, I work as Director of Creative Partnerships, focusing on helping brand partners find, uncover and share their own unique stories from every corner of the planet. When I’m not immersed in the production of great stories, you can probably find me riding my bicycle or trying to jump into the nearest body of water.